Prof. Phillip Drake

Phillip Drake
  • Director
  • English


Research interests:

  • science and technology studies
  • science fiction and speculative fiction
  • animal studies
  • environmental humanities

Selected Publications

“Zoonotic Affinities: Woman-Dog Sickness in Elena Ferrante’s Days of Abandonment and Virginia Woolf’s Flush (forthcoming).

“Encounters with the Most Animal Other: Rabies, Biopolitics, and Disease Prevention in Bali.” Animals & Society (2020).

 “Taking the Trigger Debate Above Ground: Comment on “More than ten years of Lusi: A review of facts, coincidences, and past and future studies” by Miller and Mazzini (2018).” Marine and Petroleum Geology 113 (2020).

 “Marxism and the Nonhuman Turn: Animating Nonhumans, Exploitation and Politics with ANT and Animal Studies.” Rethinking Marxism 27:1 (2015): 107-122.


“Art and Power in the Age of Empire: Greg Egan’s Society of Control.” Extrapolation 52:1 (2011): 5-25.