Prof. Paul Scott

Paul Scott
  • French, Francophone & Italian Studies


SF/Fantasy/Speculative Interests:

  • Zombies
  • French 20th-century SF
  • South Korean SF television
  • French SF television
  • Fairy tales


SF Courses/Content Taught:

  • FREN 177: First-Year Seminar "Human and non-Human in Science Fiction and Fantasy"
  • FREN 150: "Zombies, Aliens, Monsters"
  • FREN 481: "Science Fiction and Fantasy in French

Selected Publications

“Neither Human nor Monster: Transitional Zombies in Sweet Home,” forthcoming in The Post Zombie: The Current and Future State of the Walking Dead

“‘On n’est pas dans Black Mirror!’: The Futuristic Optimism of Osmosis,” forthcoming in French Screen Studies.

“Interplanetary Intimacy: Alien-Human Love in J.-H. Rosny aîné’s Martian Novels,” Neophilologus 105 (2021), 349-64.

“Aliens and Alienation in Pierre Boulle’s La Planète des singes,” Romance Studies 38 (2020), 26-37.

“From Contagion to Cogitation: The Evolving Television Zombie,” Science Fiction Studies 47 (2020), 93-110.